June 29, 2020


Project publications

  1. U. Lacis, Y. Sudhakar, S. Pasche, S. Bagheri, “Transfer of mass and momentum at rough and porous surfaces”, in J. Fluid Mech. Vol. 884, 2020.
  2. U. Lacis, P. Johansson, T. Fullana, B. Hess, G. Amberg, S. Bagheri, S. Zaleski, “Steady moving contact line of water over a no-slip substrate”, 2019.
  3. N. Scapin, P. Costa and L. Brandt, A volume-of-fluid method for interface-resolved simulations of phase-changing two-fluid flows  Journal of Computational Physics, 407, 109251, 2020.

Related publications by Interface researchers

  1. P. Costa, E. Phillips, L. Brandt and M. Fatica. GPU acceleration of CaNS for massively-parallel direct numerical simulations of canonical fluid flows; Computers and Mathematics with Applications, 2020, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.camwa.2020.01.002
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